Thursday, 28 February 2013

A new year, a new gent

Granted we took a slightly longer Christmas brake than most, but spring is most definitely in the air, and what better time to come back to writing about sewing, men's style and general gentlemanly behavior.

As we move into longer days, happier people, and of course, sporting jackets and blazers. 2013 is going to be bigger than ever for The Gentlemen's Sewing Club, expanding as more than just the monthly get together. We've been working on a range of limited edition, hand made in Scotland ties, that should be available to buy in the coming weeks. Our monthly gatherings have settled into the new home that is Sloans in Glasgow, and we welcome everyman to come along and learn some basic skills, have a natter and enjoy some smashing drinks.

For a main event this year, we're planning a very special evening in November to raise money for a very gentlemanly's all in the planning stages at the moment, but we think its a great idea!

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