Thursday, 4 October 2012

Everyone Loves Polished Shoes

Shoes are one of those things that are sometimes overlooked in an outfit, an accessory that, although essential, is often not given the same care and consideration to that of a new suit or coat.

But shoes are one of THE most important parts of your outfit, and should be duly looked after and cared for. Follow our guide to proper shoe care, and we guarantee more enjoyment and a more fulfilled "soul" for your shoes.

  • Your shoes should be regularly well polished, scuffed shoes will take the shine off of any outfit, day or night. 
  • Use a shoe horn when putting your shoes on, the backs are easily broken and not so easily repaired.
  • Shoe trees - invest in these strange looking objects, they will help keep the shape of your shoes and stop them curing and save you looking like an out of season elf or unemployed court jester.
  • salt stains are one of the most common problems, especially if like us you live in the eternal winter that is Scotland. A useful tip is to rub with a solution of vinegar an water after the shoes have dried. Then a stern polish should restore the look.
  • Invest. Full stop. A decent pair of shoes, cared for properly will last longer than buying several pairs of cheaper alternatives, plus they'll and feel better.
  • Keep a box for shoe care. Most people have an old shoe box filled with an assortment of coloured polish, brushes, rags and dubbin, that was probably used to polish some football boots in the 1800s, which is fine. But if you really want to impress, we recommend this classically stylish Paul Smith ebony wood shoe care box

Here is a great video of how to perfectly buff your brogues and shine your loafers.

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