Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Perfect Hems and Satin Stitches

The first week of The Gentlemen's Sewing Club we will be looking at perfect hems and satin stitching.

ok chaps, hemming is a tough game, but with a little guidance and a lot of practice, anyone can do it. Think how much time and money you've spent on taking trousers to alterations shops for them to take up a inch or so, wouldn't it be nice to do that yourself, for free. Wearing a pair of trousers that fit perfectly, knowing you have done it yourself, is a very satisfying feeling.

The second skill we're going to have a go at is the satin stitch, a hand embroidered decorative that is simple and effective. We'll show you how to do the stitch perfectly and how it can be used in fashion and interiors.

We will provide materials to practice on, then you can go home and try it yourself

Perfectly hemmed trousers

Satin stitched anchor

Perfect hems and satin stitches will be on the 4th of July from 6.30pm - 8.30pm at The Flying Duck Club - Glasgow. Places are £10 per head and this includes a couple of drinks plus all the basic materials to get you started.

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